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"Bryan is motivating and inspiring. He delivers a message that will last a lifetime."

Ron Johnson

University of Texas
Austin, Texas


"Bryan Hoddle is one of the finest motivational speakers that we have ever had speak at our clinics. He has spoken many times and the coaches admire and love his work. He has dedicated his life for the underdog in sports and in life."

Jim Harryman

President, All Sports School


​"Bryan is one of the best speakers I have ever encountered on the sprints and motivational topics. The coaches here in Michigan have asked time and time again to have him come back. Bryan will become a part of your clinic and not just speak at it!!!

Kernie Gilliam

Director of Michigan Track and Field Clinic


"Bryan's keen insight into the minds of achievers may just be what you and your team needs to achieve your next goal!"

Bjorn Svae

Posture Dynamics


"I have had the opportunity to work with Bryan Hoddle many times throughout the years and have heard several of his motivational talks. He has inspired injured military, Paralympic and
developmental athletes to perform better than they ever thought possible, with his scientifically-based knowledge of track and field and passion for athlete success."

Patty Cornelius, MEd

Director of Athletics
Lakeshore Foundation


​"Bryan does an incredible job at both explaining and describing the events in track and field. When you leave his sessions you feel like you can take the things he discussed, and fit it in with what you do with your program."

Tomy Sitton
Georgia Track and Field Clinic Director
USATF Men's LDR Executive Committee


"For athletes, business men, or the general public; a motivational speech from Bryan Hodde is guaranteed to make you want to go out and change the world. It has been a pleasure for me to
have been his publisher." (Circle of Champions)


Mike Hennech

Ale Publishing Co.


"Bryan is a breath of fresh air in the athletic world. His message is simple, yet strong! The very foundation of successful people is delivered passionately in his presentation. But most importantly, when you get to know him you realize he practices what he preaches, and that alone is a rare find!"

Carie M. Dever-Boaz

Head Woman's Softball Coach
Univ. of Arkansas

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