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2013 Notes

Shortcut to Sprint Success

​​Bruce Smith

2013 Clinic Presentation

Bryan Hoddle

How to Design a Workout

Dan Dittmer

Proper Endurance Running Form

Hanna Schultz

Endurance Strength Training

Tobistenics - Phase 1

Dr. Toby Schwartz

Tobistenics Routines


Linda Lanker

High Jump

Jenny Brogdon

Dynamic Active Warm-up Drills

Physiology Lessons

Lessons for Coaching Runners

Dr. Jason Karp

2011 Idea Personal Trainer of the Year


Shot Put

Russ Vincent

Throwing"Look Out For's"

The Throwers Week

Long Jump

Scott Brown

Triple Jump

Multi Event

Strategy to Increase Athlete Game

Wendy Lynne

OSU Coaching

Kelly Sullivan

OSU Minutes

OSU Hills

Building a freshman PV Pt 1

Wayne Christiansen

Building a freshman PV Pt 2

Pole vault training ideas and drills

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