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2015 Notes



SMU Athlete Profile Sheet

Jim Brewer

Pre Meet Form

SMU Athlete Event Request

Coaching Resposibilities

Demands and Solutions to Setting

up a Successful Track Program

How to warm up a Distance Runner

Gym Circuit

WU-CD Routine

Secrets to Winning in Distance Running

GFU Split Results

Log Sheets

Microcycle Example

How to Run a Club

James Henderson

Richard LaLonde

Planning for Middle School

and High School Runners

Adaptive Sports - Gateway to Gold

Tami English

Pole Vault

Becca Gillespy Peters


Matt Lydum

Strength and Conditioning

Stephanie Carson

Mark Ward

Pre Season Preparation for

a Succesful Program

4 x 100 Relay

Track and Field Equipment

Dan West

Jay Miles

Mythbusters of Coaching Sprints

Starts and the Drive Phase

Coaching the High Jump

Alison Wood

Dynamic Warmup

Martha Mendenhall

High Jump - Session 1

High Jump - Session 2

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