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2014 Notes

Developing an Ancillery Plan

for Middle Distance Runners

Travis Floeck

The Cross Training Conundream Ideas when an Athlete needs to Supplement Training

Distance Runners Need to be Fast.  How to

Develop Speed for Distance Runners

Use of Medicine Balls in Training for Throws

T.J. Crater

Use of Variable Weight Implements

in Throwing the Shot and Discus

To Spin or Not to Spin?  When is it right to Convert from Glide to Spin in the High School Thrower

Guide for College Bound Athletes

Jason Drake

Design more effective sessions

with the New Interval Training

Peter Thompson

Run Faster and Prevent Injury -

Developing your Athletes' Inner Kangaroo

Bob Omlin

Troubleshooting for High Jump Problems

Troubleshooting Pole Vault Problems

It's Not About the Track: Transition for a

Transactional Coach to a Transformative One

Kyle Will

Girls Can Do Power Cleans: Strength

Training for Female Track and Field Athletes

Train Like Rocky, Run like Pre: Outside the Box

Thinking for a Strength and Conditioning Program

No Weight Room Required to Get your

Track and Field Athletes Functionally Strong

Dr. Toby


The Foundation of a

Championship Throwing Program

Lane Dowell

Strength Training

for Endurance Athletes

Hannah Schultz

25 Top Workouts for Max Performance

Bryan Hoddle

Ideas, Gimics, and the Little Things,

that create Track and Field Success

101 Dynamic Active Warm Up Drills

Neil Kells

Long and Triple Jump - How to

Develop Everyone to be a Jumper

Troubleshooting the Shot Put

Tim Carlson

Troubleshooting the Discus

The Blocks

Mike Waller

The Relays

Adarian Barr

Basic Weight Lifting Techniques

Blake Surina

Periodization of Track and

Field for Optimal Performance

Basic Shot Put

Mitch Crouser

Basic Discus

The Hammer

Adam Midles

Purchasing Track Equipment Made Easy

Dan West

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