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2011 Notes

Adarian Barr - Breathing for performance

Martin Rudow - keeping young distance runners healthy

Adarian Barr - Training no technique

Megan Dahlman - Warm up for Track & Field

Adarian Barr - Sprint start

Megan Dahlman - Myofascial release

Adarian Barr - Asymmetrical training

Mike Cunliffe - Training High School Sprinters

Adrarian Barr - Asymmetrical training part 2

Mike Cunliffe - 400 meter training

Bryan Hoddle - The high jump

Mike Cunliffe - The relays

Courtney Jaworski - Training the 800m runner

Mike Waller - Key ingredients for the short sprint & achieving maximum velocity

Duncan Atwood - Connecting the run to the throw in javelin

Paul Salitsky - Mental Training for Performance Excellence

Mac Wilkins - Strength Training for the Shot put and Discuss

Paul Salitsky - Competitive edge Getting it & Keeping it​

Mac Wilkins - The discuss

Mac Wilkins - The shot put

Linda Lanker - hurdles

Paul Salitsky - Coaching millenials

Tami English - Helping athletes with disabilities

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